Welcome to squ.data.blog

SQU Data is a website for collecting and sharing data about online information resources — for SQU (Standard Questions & Utilities) analysis.

The development of this information sharing platform is taking place via Query News — for more information and to participate, please see query.news.blog

At the moment we suggest two approaches to SQU (Standard Questions & Utilities) data:

  • Query SQU: holding the query / question constant, analyze the results of the Utility variable
  • Utility SQU: holding the utility constant, analyze the results of the query / question variable

At this early stage, we have done 1 trial run of each SQU (“Query SQU” & “Utility SQU”). These are extremely rudimentary, and we welcome comments (and pingbacks, in case you publish corresponding results). We will also create a separate post you can link to (and we will publish pingbacks there, too) should you yourself try new experiments with SQU data formats.

Thank you for your interest!